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News 2023

Dear benefactors: Happy New Year 2024!

As a new year begins, I wish you all health and peace in our changing world!

In addition to our regular activities, the Board of Directors has carried out several other tasks, including revising our website, reviewing the files of sponsored children and those awaiting sponsorship, and forming a committee to discuss the future of PTM. This committee examined the sponsor departures and the recruitment of new sponsors, as well as the imminent departure of members of the Board of Directors who had completed their mandates. The committee's findings were discussed at a special meeting last September. Faced with a steadily declining number of donors, and the lack of replacements for positions on the Board of Directors, it was unanimously resolved that Parrainage Tiers Monde should take steps to entrust the management of its sponsorship activities to another similar organization, in this case, Secours Tiers Monde Inc. and this with the written consent of sponsoring donors.

We have communicated this information to you and asked for your consent to transfer your sponsorships to Secours Tiers Monde (STM). At the time of writing, nearly two-thirds of you want to make this transition to the new Secours Tiers-Monde entity. We are all delighted because many of you, like us, don't want to deprive the children who so desperately need our help.

The transition process is well underway and everything is progressing well. PTM will continue to send all donations received for the children until June 30, 2024. Concurrently and thereafter, Secours Tiers- Monde will take charge. The latter will contact sponsors who have said yes to the transfer of their sponsorship files at some point during 2024.

They are the ones who will contact you, dear donors, and explain how everything will work. If you visit their site, you'll see all the good they accomplish, and they also have numerous projects all over the world. They're a great team who work body and soul for this organisation.


 It was in 1979, 45 years ago, that Parrainage Tiers Monde was founded by Sr. Androla St-Onge, f.m.a. Since then, many children around the world have been encouraged to study and get an education. Many of them have gone on to become leaders in their communities. It is therefore with sadness that Parrainage Tiers Monde will cease its activities with the year 2024, but with gratitude for all that has been accomplished over all these years and will continue to be accomplished through Secours Tiers-Monde Inc.

All that’s left for me to say is how much we have appreciated your support over the years. You have educated, nourished, healed and helped hundreds and hundreds of children and families over these long years. It's practically impossible to know, in concrete terms, the gift given to these poor children who have been able to realize their dreams. Thanks to you, dear benefactors, they have reached goals, heights they never thought possible.

Parrainage Tiers Monde thanks you from the bottom of its heart for being active participants in this worldwide development effort, and for your boundless generosity!



Patricia Thibodeau, President, Board of Directors

February 2024



Board of Directors: Patricia Daigle, Director; Pauline Cyr, Vice-President; Rinette Martin, Secretary; Louise-Desjardins-Plourde, Treasurer; Lise Aubut, Councillor; Raymond Aubut, Councillor; Rolande Belzile, Councillor; Claude Carrier, Councillor; Pierrette Cyr, Councillor; Edna Thomas rhsj, Councillor.


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