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​The people in charge in the participating countries refer to the Parrainage Tiers Monde office the children they consider to be the most deprived and the most likely to benefit from financial aid. They send the children's information to help the godfathers and/or godmothers to make a choice.


 If it happens that the sponsored child no longer shows up at school or is no longer motivated in his studies, the Sponsorship staff will inform you and then suggest another child to replace him. 



 The person in charge at the local level must ensure that the godfathers and/or godmothers receive at least one letter per year when possible. Similarly, godparents are encouraged to write a short message to the child, add their photo to give him the joy of knowing you. The children's letters/report cards are sent to the PTM office, which ensures that they are sent to the godparents afterwards. 

You may not receive a letter or newsletter every year due to uncontrollable circumstances.

Who are we helping?

  • Preschool and school-aged children

  • College or university students

  • Families

  • sponsored groups


Conditions for the admissibility of a child sponsorship 

  • School-aged child or preschooler

  • School attendance (attending classes)


  • Sustained effort in his courses: great desire to succeed and aptitude for learning

  • Must, when his situation allows it, send his report card to his godfather and/or godmother at the end of each year of study.

  • Must, when his situation allows it, write a letter to his godfather and/or godmother at least once a year, giving him information about his studies, talking about his academic progress, his family and himself and thank his godfather and/or godmother.  Sometimes when the child is too young, the caregiver performs this task.

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How can you help?

  • By choosing a child of school, college or university age


  • By sponsoring by monthly, biannual or annual contribution.

  • By adding a surplus to the child or a gift for certain special occasions.


  • By general donations or bequests  to PTM, a particular project or sponsoring group.

What are your donations for?

Your contributions allow the child to:


  • ​going to school;

  • ​ get school supplies: pencils, notebooks, books, etc.;

  • ​​buy a school uniform and other clothing;

  • ​ receive a meal every day as well as medication as needed.


If necessary, the managers help the parents to effectively manage the contributions received.

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