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News 2022

Dear Benefactors: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023!

After three years of pandemic, I come to wish you a calmer year and health in abundance!

I am very grateful to you for continuing to support us and I thank you. A special thank you not only to you who continue to support the educational objectives of Parrainage Tiers Monde but also to the new sponsors who have been added during the year. We encourage you to continue to promote our goals by word of mouth in order to encourage more people to donate so that young children can have access to education, a great privilege in many countries.

Thank you also for your understanding about the school results of your sponsored child. You will understand that the conditions in their countries have not allowed them to easily access their courses, which has delayed their progress in many cases. Also, it has not always been easy for them to keep in touch with their sponsors, but the sponsoring community leaders in these countries have continued to be vigilant in administering the exchanges with PTM.

The political situation in some countries, such as Haiti and Peru, where instability and violence make conditions particularly difficult, also affects the children in the course of their studies.

Communications with local officials and donations are still secure and flowing smoothly, so don't worry.

When you access the WEBSITE through this link:, you will be able to see on the blog, the latest news and activities of Parrainage Tiers Monde. We strive to keep the site up to date to keep you informed.

IN MEMORIAM CARDS: We have IN MEMORIAM cards where you can make a donation in memory of a deceased person and give the card to the family. To obtain them, contact the director at the office during business hours.

NEW HAITI PROJECT: Timoun Bien Vini Centers Project (CTBV). The CTBV project is a pedagogical project whose mission is to help the development of the child physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually. This includes teaching parents to participate in the global development of the children participating in one of the 4 CTBVs: Phaëton (P1), Paulette (P2), Grand Bassin (P3) and Dolval (P4). The CTBV project is primarily aimed at pre-school children with the intention of continuing to support their schooling (more details are available on our website)

MONETARY GIFT FROM SPONSORS TO CHILDREN: If you would like to make a Christmas or birthday gift in excess of your annual contribution, you will need to do so at least 2 months before Christmas. Your donations should be dated (checks) and sent before October 15, 2023 to be included in the Christmas mailing that we do in November. Since the risk of interception with international mail is high, it is preferable to send your donations through PTM since we deposit directly into the communities accounts.

Unfortunately, we notice in our statistics, a decrease in 2022. Let's hope that this is only temporary. This could be due to the rising cost of living or the fact that many of our sponsors are aging. This is why we encourage you to help us in our efforts to recruit new donors.

As for the decrease in the number of children, a great deal of work has been done with our partners to remove children who were no longer in school.

There is also a trend of giving to group projects instead of giving to individual children.

COUNTRIES WHERE DONATIONS ARE SENT: Your donations are spread over eight countries: Argentina, Haiti, Peru, Congo, Nigeria, India. Philippines and Sri Lanka for a total of 23 different sponsoring groups/communities.

MONEY TRANSFERS: The money transfers are made twice a year, May and November.

OPENING HOURS: 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monday to Thursday inclusive, closed on Fridays, holidays and storm days. The office will be closed during the months of July and August. However, the director will handle urgent mail and the office will open in early September.

ADDRESS: Please notify us of any change of address (postal or email) or phone number. This information makes it easier for us to reach you.

A new member has joined our Board of Directors this year. Raymond Aubut, recently retired from an accounting firm, is a great addition to our team.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting us so faithfully. Giving a gift for education is giving hope for a better future. Dreams do come true with your contribution, rest assured. Share the site, share the joy of receiving a letter and a picture of your sponsored child, if you can encourage others to join the organization, we always have children waiting, the Board of Directors will be indebted to you.

Patricia Thibodeau, President, Board of Directors

February 2023


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